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Laurent-Charles Lucas, founder of Franglais, moi? is a bi-lingual French actor with a passion for Theatre and Indie cinema.

With that in mind, we will translate any scripts and plays and create subtitles, whether for a short, commercial or feature film.

This will give your project an ideal opportunity to grow its impact by increasing its audience into new, non-English speaking, territories.

We specialise in both French-to-English and English-to-French translations, as well as English and French proof-reading services. 

Working in partnership with other agencies we can also offer translations in any language pair you may require, as well as certified translations.

No job too small. Please contact us today for more details.
We will translate your scripts or plays and create 
subtitles for your films
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Gastro, by Norman Gregory, with French subtitles

The Man Who Fell

by Kalli Soulioti

with French subtitles

A Work of Art

by Maria Malukhina

with French subtitles

50 pence piece

by Beatriz Delgado Mena

with French subtitles