Translation & Proof-reading Services

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Is your company dealing with French suppliers or customers?
Are you looking to expand your business in France?
Do you have documents in French which need to be translated into English? Or vice-versa?
Have you devised a document in the other language by yourself, but want to ensure that you have used the right grammar and terminology?

Then it may be time to seek help, and at Franglais, moi? this is exactly what we are here for!

We will translate any document from one language to the other, and proof-read in both English and French.

As well as being fully bi-lingual, we also have 20+ years international experience in various industry sectors from Electronics to Sheet metal processing and Power generation. So technical terminology is second nature.

No job too small. Please contact us today for more details.
We offer translation and proof-reading services both in English and French*

(* Nous vous proposons un service de traduction et de vérification de texte aussi bien en Français qu’en Anglais)
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